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Representations through images of a possible future on earth. Questions about erroneous political systems that would possibly bring about a collapse of civilization.


Fusion represents the union of different organisms and surfaces inherent to the expressions of the human figure. The artist proposes through this set of abstract/realistic characters, what he calls poetic technological symbolism.



A brief description of my history

I was born in São Caetano do Sul, Brazil. Since I know myself as a person in the visual world, I was fascinated, everything fascinated me despite having a strong myopia from an early age. Perhaps this haze in my vision was the trigger for a visual curiosity. It's interesting to find that when we were children, the image of butterflies, animals and nature itself sounded divine in our minds and over time the social and personal transgressions we live in sharpen the human interest in things like buildings, tangles of wires and cables that make the world work. All of this starts to have a pictorial meaning. A violent leap from the time of caves and rock art.
My works will likely be categorized into two groups. I have a strong emotional side, introspective, sensitive and poetic, with all the effects it causes, which allows me to produce digital paintings of what has been referred to as visual poetry or technological poetic symbolism. The other self is a mixture of doubts and precise questions, with a passion for philosophy, psychology and music... I try to mix everything and through the most varied techniques to show through an empty tunnel to the surface of the real world. That's a little bit of me.

~ Glauber Barbarrossa Nunes



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